Hello Everyone, Here i come up with another interesting article which will depict the important phase of one’s life. As it is very much clear from its name, it depicts the time when one have to step up into the NEW CITY in order to move one’s life ahead either for doing JOB or something else. Since this is very common thing experienced almost by everyone, let it share in more clear way.
AS I shared in my previous article that how one have to overcome various hurdles in order to go more close to one’s dreams when one actually got the feeling of the real meaning of DREAMS, but the NEW CITY doesn’t act as friendly as you thought at the time of moving life ahead. You have to be careful at the time of decision making situation since you are on the driver seat of your life and you have to face the consequence of path you are choosing.
The work you got in the new city is the most important thing from all things you come across in this new life. The people you come across in the office either demotivate or demotivate you and challenges in the work could make you unsafe there and make you to rethink about the work you have chosen. Sometimes one have to compromise for the sake of family. But I think one should know one’s strength and weakness and the nature of work before making any decision. This would realize goals of one’s life. And also make discussion of your interior thought with any valuable person.

Sharing your thought with anyone make you feel safe and interactive with your friends and family. This will also let you enjoy your work and achieve something big as per yours desire in your life. In the end I would share some motivational thought.

Man needs difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success.” – A.P.J Abdul Kalam
These are real incidents or situation which i come across and i think its better to search such hidden thought and explore. Looking forward to your postive response on SEARCHINGTHOUGHT.WORDPRESS.COM

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