Birth and transformation of thought

Hello everyone , This is my first blog which i am going to post at the age of 22. I am not an experienced one and confused what to blog but i really want to explore my interior thought which i kept hidden in my this is what i gather from my  long experience.

In the early days of every  life , Like every other child you grow up with fun or grow like a child you know what i mean, just finding fun in everything, follow anything substantially , being freiendly and evil to other child bestie at a same time.

As soon as you start going to school and start performing well or bad , whole world specially your neighborhood and relatives will start dividing you into categories of intelligent and poor student just based on the marks you obtained in the school. This is the start of giving up your real ambition and interal thought at a cost of expectations from parents and society. I really thought Are these society thinking really  good for us ??? Rather than just making rumors or dismotivating and untasteful truth is that we are the part of same society.

After spending long time in school, there is turn for graduation which also brings hurdles in the dreams of lacs of students, means somehow they have to follow same path which followed by majority insteed of their dreams. As a result of which they become part of  group having no objective.  So do you think such obligation are necessary to follow. How sachin would  have became tendulkar if he was stucked in the same situation. So think about it.

All such incidents are really needs to be handled carefully if we want to explore our thought and foĺlow our DREAMS. and when we will get our real passion we will not be distracted by any society and we will definitely give something good to our nation.

Better to remember one line..’ dreams are not the things which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.’-A P J Abdul Kalam.

These are real incidents or situation which i come across and i think its better to search such hidden thought and explore. Looking forward to your postive response on SEARCHINGTHOUGHT.WORDPRESS.COM

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